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Welcome to Learning Space Christian Academy

Quality Affordable Christian Day Care in Las Vegas

Enriching Young Minds Through STEM and Christian Learning in Las Vegas, NV

"Exceptional experience at Learning Space Christian Academy! Nydia was incredibly accommodating and the staff are outstanding. It’s a flexible and caring center—definitely a 10/10. Your child is in good hands."
- Tasha Jurkovic

Young children participating in a music and movement class
Group of toddlers playing with building blocks at Learning Space Christian Academy Preschool teacher reading a storybook to attentive children

Who We Are

Learning Space Christian Academy is not just another daycare in Las Vegas; we are a dedicated community of educators and caregivers committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where your child can thrive. Conveniently located at 2253 E Desert Inn Rd, we offer a unique blend of academic and spiritual education. Our programs are designed to set a strong foundation for your child's future, ensuring they are well-prepared for the academic and life challenges that lie ahead.

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Kids engaging in STEM activities, exploring with a microscope Outdoor play area with slides and swings at the academy

STEAM Curriculum

At Learning Space Christian Academy, we firmly believe in the transformative power of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) in shaping the minds of the next generation. Our STEAM curriculum is not an add-on; it's an integral part of our daily activities. We encourage children to explore, question, and discover the world around them through hands-on experiences. Our dedicated computer labs and small class sizes ensure that each child gets the attention and resources they need for a better learning experience.

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Infants in a safe and nurturing naptime environment.

Christian Care

Learning Space Christian Academy is deeply rooted in Christian values, offering a faith-based curriculum that seamlessly complements our strong academic focus. We don't just teach Bible stories; we integrate character development, self-care, and manners into our daily lessons. This holistic approach ensures that your child grows not just intellectually, but also spiritually and morally, making them well-rounded individuals.

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Discover School Activities

Hand-on Activities

Our hands-on activities encourage creative thinking and problem-solving skills.


Movement activities keep children physically active and engaged, promoting healthy development.

Reading Books

We emphasize reading real books to instill a love for literature and improve language skills.


Our singing sessions are not just fun but also educational, enhancing vocal skills and rhythm.


Jameika G. Parent

" My son just started here a week ago and I'm already noticing improvement in his learning. He is coming home singing lullabies and spelling his name. I love the owner, she has such a warm and friendly spirit! If you were thinking twice about switching your child's school, I'd say do it! Because this place is worth it and worth the money! My son comes home complimenting the staff and saying how much fun he has and how much he is learning. I love it!! "

Bright and colorful classroom setup with educational toys and books.
Children praying together at Learning Space Christian Daycare in Las Vegas

Impactful Moments in Education

Our "Creation and Care" STEM project is a prime example of the academy's positive impact, intertwining environmental stewardship with Christian values. Guided by teachers, our preschoolers dive into hands-on gardening, planting flowers and vegetables in our community garden. This initiative not only broadens their knowledge of plant biology but also fosters a deep sense of responsibility and pride in caring for the environment.

Watching our young learners excitedly tend to their plants is a testament to our curriculum's power to marry scientific discovery with spiritual growth.

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Educators teaching Christian values to kids at Learning Space Daycare in Las Vegas

In-The-Field Expertise

Nydia Sanchez is the driving force behind Learning Space Christian Academy, blending over a decade of experience with a passion for creating a nurturing second home for children. Her vision has shaped a daycare where education and care go hand in hand.

Guided by Nydia, our team of educators is selected for their deep understanding of early childhood education, commitment to inclusivity, and dedication to Christian values. They're not just teachers; they're nurturers, continuously advancing their skills to foster a dynamic and effective learning environment.

This blend of expertise and heartfelt dedication makes Learning Space Christian Academy a standout choice for Christian daycare in Las Vegas, where every child is valued and nurtured.

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Why Choose Us?

Quality affordable care

Enriching curriculum

Safe and loving environment

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We believe in a Christian Foundation and Proverbs 22:6. We believe ALL children have the right to a strong positive start and we understand our community does not have enough options available to them. We are here to make a difference. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR CHRISTIAN CURRICULUM

  • Learning Space Christian Academy accepts ALL subsidies offered by agencies, including Las Vegas Urban League, Children’s Cabinet, St. Judes, DPS…

  • Yes we do accept variable schedules. Learn more about our Drop-In Care

  • We do offer a sibling discount of $20 off the second child. We provide a 10% discounts to all active or retired Military. We provide a 10% discount to all Foster Families. Learn more about our affordable pricing

  • Surveillance cameras with video and sound are installed throughout the entire center, inside and out. In order for us to protect all children in care, we disallow families to have open access to our cameras. If there is an injury, we are happy to provide footage. Our permitting and licensing agencies are always permitted to review footage.

  • Yes, our policy is whether children attend childcare or not, tuition is still due. A 2-week notice is also a written policy. (Read More Abou Our Parent Handbook).

  • Starting in January 2024 we will be offering lunch and am/pm snacks as part of our program. We will not be serving breakfast or dinner.

  • Enrollment Documents, Parent Handbook, Tuition Agreement, a "Things to Bring" list will be provided to you when you enroll. See All Current Forms

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