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Toddler Program in Las Vegas (1-2yrs)

educational programs for 2 year olds

Unlocking Potential with Comprehensive Toddler Education

The toddler years are a vibrant blend of curiosity and discovery. At Learning Space Christian Academy, we tap into this natural wonder, crafting a program specifically for 1-2-year-olds. Our curriculum nurtures their innate curiosity, bolsters cognitive and motor skills, and sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning. With us, every day is a new adventure in education and growth.

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Educational Program for
2 Year old's

At Learning Space Christian Academy, we believe that the best learning happens when it's fun. We've designed the best program for 2 year-olds that's fun and educational, perfect for our young learners. This two-year-old preschool experience ensures that toddlers get the most out of their early education.

Songs and Rhythms

Toddlers naturally love music. At Learning Space Christian Academy, we use this love to boost their learning experience. Our carefully selected songs are not just catchy; they're also educational. As they groove to the rhythm, they're also learning about numbers, alphabets, animals, and so much more. These musical sessions enhance their auditory skills, improve their memory, and boost their linguistic abilities.

Fingerplays and Interactive Games

Fingerplays are more than just cute gestures. They're a powerful learning tool. By mimicking the movements, toddlers develop their fine motor skills. These activities also introduce them to new words and concepts in a fun and interactive way. For example, a fingerplay about a butterfly helps them learn about the insect, its colors, and how it flies.

Storytelling Sessions

Every toddler loves a good story. Our storytelling sessions are interactive, with vivid illustrations and expressive narrations. These sessions are not just about listening; they're about imagining, asking questions, and understanding the world around them. Stories improve their attention span, enhance their vocabulary, and stimulate their imagination.

Sensory Play

Toddlers learn best when they use all their senses. Our sensory play activities involve textures, sounds, and colors. Whether it's playing with sand, listening to the sounds of nature, or exploring different textures, these activities are crucial for their cognitive development. They learn about cause and effect, enhance their problem-solving abilities and become familiar with various sensory experiences.

best programs for 2 year olds

Potty Training Toddler Guidance

We understand that potty training is a significant milestone for toddlers. Our program offers dedicated support in this area, ensuring a smooth transition from diapers to independent restroom use. Our trained staff, each with over 120 hours of training, offers patient guidance and a structured routine for potty training. We strive to make this transition smooth and confidence-boosting for both parents and toddlers.

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Foundational Learning

At this tender age, every experience, every lesson, and every interaction serves as a building block for future academic endeavors. Our 2 year old program is meticulously designed to lay a strong foundation for your child.

Our toddlers embark on a journey where they learn essential basics such as the names of their town and state. We also introduce them to the letters of the alphabet in sequence and the joy of counting from 1 through 10. This structured approach not only ensures they grasp foundational concepts but also instills in them a love for learning.

But our vision goes beyond just the immediate. The foundational skills they acquire now will pave the way for more advanced programs in the future, like our STEAM-based curriculum. At Learning Space Christian Academy, we're not just teaching; we're preparing our toddlers for a lifetime of curiosity, exploration, and academic excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our toddler program is specifically designed for children aged 1-2 years.

  • We incorporate carefully selected educational songs that not only entertain but also teach toddlers about numbers, alphabets, animals, and more. These sessions enhance auditory skills, memory, and linguistic abilities.

  • Fingerplays involve gestures and movements that correspond to a song or rhyme. They are crucial for developing fine motor skills and introducing new words and concepts in an interactive manner.

  • Our interactive storytelling sessions stimulate imagination, improve attention span, enhance vocabulary, and help toddlers understand the world around them.

  • Sensory play activities involve textures, sounds, and colors, allowing toddlers to learn using all their senses. These activities are essential for cognitive development, understanding cause and effect, and enhancing problem-solving skills.

  • Yes, we understand the significance of potty training and offer dedicated support to ensure a smooth transition from diapers to independent restroom use.

  • While both programs prioritize holistic development, the toddler program is more structured and introduces foundational academic concepts, preparing them for more advanced learning in the future.

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