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Introducing STEAM Curriculum at Learning Space Christian Academy

Children engaged in a hands-on STEM activity at Learning Space Christian Academy in Las Vegas

The Power of STEAM in Early Childhood Education

At Learning Space Christian Academy, we're pioneering a new approach to early childhood education with our STEAM curriculum. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. While STEM focuses on the core scientific disciplines, STEAM goes a step further by integrating Arts into the mix, emphasizing the importance of creativity alongside technical knowledge. Our curriculum is designed to be interactive, engaging, and most importantly, fun for the kids. By incorporating "Brain games" and other innovative tools, we ensure that our young learners receive a comprehensive educational experience that prepares them for the future.

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A Detailed Exploration of Our STEAM Curriculum

At Learning Space Christian Academy, our STEAM curriculum is meticulously crafted to offer children a comprehensive learning experience. While we ensure that our lessons are engaging and fun, the primary focus remains on fostering a genuine understanding of each subject. Through interactive sessions, hands-on experiments, and real-world applications, we aim to ignite a passion for learning in every child.


Science at our academy is all about interactive learning. Children embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the human body's basic components in anatomy. They get introduced to the world of plants in biology and witness exciting experiments like the eruption of a mini volcano in chemistry. Our astronomy lessons bring the vastness of space closer, teaching them about stars, planets, the sun, and the moon. Furthermore, they delve into the beauty of nature and the mysteries of marine life in our sessions on natural sciences and oceanography.


In the digital age, we ensure our students are well-equipped with essential tech skills. They take their first steps into coding in our own computer lab, executing simple commands that bring characters to life on Chromebooks. These devices, primarily touch screen-based, help enhance their digital literacy, introducing them to basic applications.


Engineering at our academy is all about hands-on exploration. Children grasp the basics of engineering through activities like crafting bridges with craft sticks, observing balloon rockets' dynamics, and engaging in simple architectural tasks. They use blocks to mimic real-world structures, giving them an entry-level experience of working with blueprints.

Arts & Crafts

Our arts module seamlessly integrates creativity with STEM concepts. Children experiment with food coloring mixtures, engage in sensory play with shaving cream, and learn about colors through plants. Activities like creating rainbows with skittles not only foster creativity but also instill a deeper understanding of the science behind everyday phenomena.


Mathematics at our academy goes beyond numbers. It's about understanding logic's language. Starting with foundational concepts like sorting and counting, children progress to more advanced activities. They experiment with weight and floatation, understand dice rolling dynamics, and engage in basic arithmetic. Through interactive sessions, math becomes a subject of intrigue rather than intimidation.

Instructor guiding students through a STEM experiment at a preschool in Las Vegas

Laying the Foundation for Future Academic Success

At Learning Space Christian Academy, our STEAM curriculum is a stepping stone to a child's lifelong learning journey. Through our interdisciplinary approach, children not only grasp the intricacies of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics but also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These foundational skills, combined with a love for learning, ensure they are well-prepared for future academic challenges.

Our curriculum goes beyond traditional teaching, emphasizing real-world applications. By integrating Arts, we nurture creativity and emotional intelligence, essential traits for the evolving 21st-century landscape. In essence, we're not just educating; we're shaping future innovators, thinkers, and leaders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Integrating Arts into the STEM curriculum results in the STEAM approach, emphasizing the importance of creativity alongside technical knowledge. It fosters a holistic learning environment where children can express themselves while understanding core scientific concepts.

  • Our STEAM curriculum is meticulously crafted with age-appropriate activities. We ensure that the lessons are engaging, interactive, and tailored to the developmental stage of each child, making learning both fun and effective.

  • "Brain games" are innovative tools that offer a wide range of educational material. They are designed to challenge and stimulate a child's mind, enhancing cognitive abilities. These games are seamlessly integrated into our STEAM curriculum to provide a comprehensive educational experience.

  • Our STEAM curriculum lays a strong foundation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. It fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a love for learning. This interdisciplinary approach ensures children are well-prepared for future academic challenges and real-world applications.

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